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By Jonathan Lemon
2 December 2004

The US, like probably most countries likes to think of itself as “the good guy”. We like to think most of our ways are “just” and “fair”. We play by the rules. It’s just that every now and them some madman jumps out of line and we have to do our patriotic duty to save the world. Usually we claim these madmen are from “failed countries” or they “hate freedom” and “everything” the US stands for. When this happens (so long as they aren’t sitting on “real” stockpiles of weapons) we have no other options but to wheel out the latest billion dollar equipment and mini-nuke their asses with yellowcake uranium.

Yes! The good old USA….the global policemen… the mighty superpower in a red, white and blue cape battling against all odds to protect the almighty dollar.

But here’s news for you. The US has NEVER promoted democracy or human rights outside its own territory. In fact in many cases it’s done it’s utmost to do completely the opposite. Deep down we all know this. I don’t need to even give examples. Of course we often wrap that mysterious “protecting US interests” cape around our clandestine operations. Often we bribe those plentiful corrupt officials in other countries to get their hands dirty for us so it’s not actually us doing the evil deeds.

Okay so there were a few times the UN kinda leaned on us to send troops into places, just to keep the peace and justify the hefty membership fee.

When Iraq is suspected of having chemical and biological weapons we invade their country and imprison their leader even though it turns out they weren’t there in the first place (but we have the receipts ha ha ha ). When the US uses chemical weapons in Falujah it’s ignored by the press and tolerated by the few who do find out as a necessary evil in the “war” or “terror”.

This is very clear in the way the US governments, particularly the Bush regime, simplifies all arguments into “good” verses ”evil”. We’re playing a global game of cowboys and native Americans. Come on. We’re all intelligent educated people. We don’t need things laid out in black and white.

We like to “think” we lead by example. Sure we make mistake s but there no biggies. Maybe a few people were outrageously tortured and killed in Abu Ghraib prison but it was all part of the much bigger cause of getting that evil demon Saddam and his powerful weapons.

If we want to lead the world we should show the world how to do it. We should treat other countries with respect and not act in ways we would not want other people to act. It’s not too much to ask. It’s about time that American deeds and American values amounted to the same thing.

Jonathan Lemon

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